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Hassans was founded in 1939 and is the largest law firm in Gibraltar. It was the first in Gibraltar to structure itself as a modern international law firm, with separate departments for different fields of specialisation. Its aim is to give a high-quality, personal and effective service to its clients, of whatever size or nature. The firm has an international clientele, which it continues to develop. It has links with major London, Continental and US law firms.

Three quarters of the firm’s work is related to international clients. Many of them use Gibraltar companies and trusts to structure their fiscal, fiduciary or investment requirements, and over the years, strong links have been forged with major multinationals, financial institutions, banks, law and accountancy firms worldwide. Gibraltar’s status as part of the EU is a significant factor in attracting such institutions and businesses. The firm’s international clients come, above all, from the US, the UK, Israel and Europe (in particular Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Spain and Portugal). They include major multinationals, banks and building societies.

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